Four Sedation Dentistry Facts

dental workA trip to the dentist is routine for many people, a task completed without great thought put into the process. However, for just as many, that same visit is absolutely petrifying, leaving them visibly shaking and oftentimes unable to mentally sustain sitting in the hot seat, er, the dental seat. Sedation or dental implants is the solution for anyone that finds a dental visit scary.

Here is four additional sedation dentistry facts that are important to know before scheduling your next dentist appointment. Whether it is time for a routine visit or there is a problem sending you into the big chair, these facts may help you learn that sedation dentistry is beneficial enough to consider for your procedure.

  1. Although sedation dentistry is also known as sleep dentistry, you’re not actually asleep during the procedure, unless, of course, there is a major procedure and general anesthesia is used. Instead, patients using sedation dentistry are given medication that allows them to relax, unwind, and sit back and enjoy the ride!
  2. General dentists do not offer sedation dentistry. You’ll need to find a cosmetic dentist or a sedation dentist specialist if you wish to obtain this service.
  3. While there are always risks of ‘going under,’ sedation dentistry is usually considered a safe procedure for healthy individuals.
  4. Sedation dentistry is used for patients of most ages. Generally, the use of sedation dentistry is considered safe for children.

Dental Implants are a Great Dentures Alternative

Dental implants are one of the most recent developments in the healthcare world, serving as an alternative to dentures for those who are missing teeth. While costlier than dentures, dental implants provide far more comforts than the alternative, making them a worthwhile investment allowing you to smile without worry for many years to come.

dental workDental implant benefits include:

– Inserted into the jaw bone with a screw so they stay in place

– Eat a bigger variety of foods with ease

– Look and feel more like your own natural teeth

– Easy to care for

– Never come out of the mouth

It’s worth speaking to the dentist concerning dental implants if you want to smile without the help of dentures. For many, dental implants provide the perfect solution.